​Wisdom Within was founded with the belief that power comes from education and confidence. This is especially true during pregnancy and childbirth. Every woman has a natural inner wisdom that can lead her through labor and birth. When a woman trusts in herself and her body, it creates an empowered woman and a powerful birthing experience. Wisdom Within's childbirth preparation is a mixture of evidence-based information and guidance on how to fully trust this wisdom. The ultimate goal is a birth that is perfect for each individual family.

About Wisdom Within

What is "empowering childbirth preparation"?

Who is behind Wisdom Within?

Wisdom Within - Empowering Childbirth Preparation - Lamaze-based in Tucson

My name is Elizabeth Mendoza and I love pregnant bellies, baby coos, and helping people find their inner strength. I have been supporting pregnant and birthing people and their families since 2010 and also have a background in helping people reach their fullest, healthiest potential via health education and non-profit work.

I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology, I have been a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator via Lamaze International since 2010 and am trained as a birth doula through DONA International. I have extensive continuing education in birth work including being trained in the Spinning Babies technique. 

My passion lies in making childbirth preparation and other services like classes and doulas more accessible for all women, as well as ensuring that all families have access to safe, respectful, and evidence-based maternity care. This passion has driven me to help enhance births for Tucson families, which I am also currently studying to be a midwife through Midwives College of Utah, with an expected graduation date in 2020.

When not teaching, studying, or attending births, I volunteer with non-profits focusing on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and I founded and organize Tucson's annual  Natural Birth and Baby Fest every Fall. My two kiddos - born in 2012 and 2015 - help round out my days and keep me on my toes!