The Natural Birth and Baby Fest 2017 is presented by

Wisdom Within - Empowering Childbirth Preparation, in partnership with Tucson Waldorf School.

More than 40 relevant local vendors will be on hand to help navigate all the services and products available to new and expectant families.

Check back soon as vendors and professionals commit to the 2017 event!

For vendor registration, please email Elizabeth at

Wisdom Within - Empowering Childbirth Preparation

The Natural Birth and Baby Fest is presented and organized solely by Wisdom Within - Empowering Childbirth Preparation and is not associated with any other business or group. For additional questions or media inquiries, please contact Elizabeth Mendoza at or call (520)891-5417.

Tucson's Natural Birth and Baby Fest is geared toward new and expectant families or those considering starting one. Dozens of local professionals and vendors will be on hand to offer support, answer questions, and showcase their services and products relating to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and babies. Local experts will also hold presentations and demos about topics of interest to families. This event is in a baby- and family-friendly environment with entertainment for young children, a food truck, snacks, raffles, and more.

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Planned activities for 2017 include:

- Open play areas for young children

- Puppet plays

- Storytime for Baby (presented by the Pima County Public Library)

- Raffles and giveaways

- And more - stay tuned!

Who should attend the Natural Birth and Baby Fest?

This event is for anyone who is thinking about having a baby, expecting a baby, about to birth a baby, just had a baby, is feeding a baby, or supporting someone else who is. We also welcome people who just love talking about births and babies. And we especially love to see pregnant bellies, babies, and toddlers. After all - they're what this event is all about! 

What does it cost to attend?

There is no entrance fee to attend the Fest. However, food, products, and services will all be available for purchase during the event. And don't forget to bring some spending money for raffles!

What if I'm not planning on or didn't have a "natural" birth or I'm not "crunchy"?

We call it a natural fest because many of our supporters, agencies, and attendees prefer a naturally-leaning birth experience or lifestyle. But even if you don't personally identify as granola-y, you'll still find useful information and a wide range of options represented  at the Natural Birth and Baby Fest. It's all about showcasing a variety of options and resources available to Tucson families. We truly support all choices and types of births and parenting! 

What's the parking situation?

There will be free parking lots and off-street parking available.

Will there be food? I am pregnant/nursing after all!

Yes, we've got you covered! There will be a variety of snacks and lunch options (vegetarian too!) available for purchase from booths and a food truck. 

Come explore, learn, and play at these free presentations and demos. All presentations are baby- and toddler-friendly!

The 2016 Natual Birth and Baby Fest featured the following presentations. Check back soon for info about the 2017 presentations!

If you're interested in being a presentor, please email Elizabeth at

Milk Supply: The Ups and Downs
presented byMama's Latte
What determines breastmilk supply? Do you have any control over it? How does your birth experience influence later milk supply? How do you know if you're making enough milk? Can you increase or reduce your supply? Feel confident in your knowledge about milk supply - and all of its ups and downs - after this presentation.

Options Around Birth: A Closer Look at Home Birth and Water Birth
presented by
Amy Zenizo, LM

In this presentation, participants will talk about home birth and what is provided and expected from a midwife's perspective. Plus, explore ways to stay low-risk throughout pregnancy and birth, how to encourage a breech baby to turn, how to avoid a 
posterior birth, and the benefits of being in water during labor or birth. Hear about the experience of a home birth family and get your own questions answered.

Comfort Touch for Labor
presented by
Penny Bussell

This presentation will reveal tips and tricks from an experienced doula and massage therapist. Participants will learn some basic comfort measures for labor including effleurage, counter pressure, double hip squeeze, petrissage, and a hand massage. Hands-on practice will be included.

Embracing Bliss After Childbirth
presented by
Afterbirth Bliss

Participants in this talk will discover ways in which women can have a balanced mood through essential oils and 
placentophagy. Evidence for these practices will be explored, as well as demonstrations of helpful essential oils during the postpartum period.

Cloth Diapering 101

presented bySun Sprout Cloth Diaper Service

Cloth Diapering is finding new popularity as the environmental concerns of the production and disposal of single-use diapers is becoming evident. Sun Sprout would like to help you discover the myriad of alternatives available to you. You can choose Sun Sprout’s cloth diaper delivery service or opt for the many other possibilities available in stores and online. Cloth Diapering 101 will introduce you to the styles and folding methods that can get you started. You’ll be able to try out various diapers that will be on hand and have all of your cloth diapering questions answered.

5 Keys to a Stress-Free Mama
presented by
Wellness Key Chiropractic

Dr. Utash will talk about how stress can affect the health of both mom and baby. He'll cover the three "T's" of stress and five natural action steps to take control of your health, so you don't become a slave to it. 

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting

presented by Mindful Birth Tucson

Learn what mindfulness is, what it isn't, and the science behind it. This presentation is tailored to new families and how they can include mindful moments in their daily activities with their children. By the end of this presentation, attendees will have a greater understanding of mindfulness, utilize short mindfulness practices, and identify applicable resources available.

Babywearing Research

presented byBabywearing International of Tucson

Parents may be aware that wearing a baby in a carrier has many benefits for both parents and babies, but what does the evidence and research say about it? How can babywearing help you and your entire family?

The Natural Birth and Baby Fest would not be possible without an incredibly supportive community. We are so very grateful for the generosity of the following people and organizations. 

A La Carte Rentals

Asa Lader - (Nested Doula)

Jennifer Bultman ​- (Light and Love Doula)

Monica Luna

Shelby Abramson

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