Wisdom Within - Empowering Childbirth Preparation - Lamaze-based in Tucson

Pregnancy Doula & Consultations

Traditionally, a doula is a trained lay person who supports women during birth and afterward. I put a twist on that tradition by also offering pregnancy-only doula services. This personalized prenatal support is perfect for people who don't want or need an additional person at their birth but would like some support to help achieve their pregnancy and birth goals.   

Do you need help writing your birth or postpartum plan? Are you feeling unsure about your option to schedule an induction or cesarean birth, for example? Let's work together to explore options and figure out what is best for you!

This service includes an in-person meeting and all the phone calls, emails, or texts during your pregnancy, labor, and/or postpartum that you need.

This service is included if you sign up for any other Wisdom Within service. Pricing for these consultations starts at $40 for a 2-hour meeting together and the charge is for in-person meetings only. Any additional communication is included. Contact me to arrange these services.

Wisdom Within's Services

Comfort Measures Only or

Another Time Around

This is a private, personalized class completely tailored to your situation. This is a good option if you're planning a non-medicated birth, but your hospital childbirth prep course didn't cover this topic in depth - or maybe you just want a little more practice.  It is also perfect for women who have given birth before but would like a "refresher course"- including mamas planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after a   cesarean).  

This is currently only offered as a private class.  We meet during a mutually convenient time for as many sessions as we determine are
necessary based on your needs (typically 2-3 meetings).

Pricing begins at $100 for this series, regardless of the number of sessions we schedule together.

Creating Wellness Workshop

How are you going to eat anything other than fast food in the first weeks postpartum? How can you make your interrupted sleep during pregnancy or with a newborn more fruitful? How can you most effectively communicate your needs to those around you? And exercise - is that even possible with a baby...?!

This isn't a support group or a class, but an interactive workshop where we all share and we all learn from one another. Parents-to-be, new parents, those who support them, and babies-in-arms are all welcome.

The Creating Wellness workshop began in response to the need we saw for pregnant and postpartum parents to come together, talk through their concerns, and pick up some wellness tips on surviving this transformative time in your life.

The workshop is free and is held at Banner University Medical Center's OBGYN clinic (1501 N. Campbell Ave., 8th Floor, Tucson). Registration is encouraged (contact me to RSVP), but drop-ins are always welcome. 

Upcoming Dates - all 6:00 - 7:00pm

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Take an hour out of your month to recharge and dedicate to your own personal wellness - you deserve it!

About Payment and Pricing

Because I truly believe in the benefit of quality childbirth preparation and support during pregnancy, birth and immediately postpartum, I do not turn away any woman for inability to pay.  If you feel that you have a financial hardship and are interested in services, contact me and we can make arrangements based on your situation, including reduced, sliding scale fees, payment plans, the possibility of bartering for services, or referral to another appropriate professional. Although payment is made directly to Wisdom Within, I can provide you with a receipt and information on how to seek reimbursement from your insurance or flexible spending account as applicable. Additional charges may apply for any meetings scheduled outside of Tucson city limits.

Preparing for Your Cesarean Birth

Being prepared is powerful.  Learn what to expect when planning for a first-time cesarean birth (also known as a c-section) due to medical circumstances.

Topics include:
  • Getting ready beforehand
  • The sights, sounds, feelings, and happenings of surgery
  • How to create a more  gentle, family-centered cesarean birth, including applicable relaxation techniques for mom
  • Recovery in the hospital
  • Postpartum: what to expect and how to prepare

This class consists of one 2-hour meeting and is private and individualized.  Pricing begins at $50.  This material can also easily be coupled with the Breastfeeding Basics information, which is highly recommended. Please visit VBACfacts.com for further reading.​​
Wisdom Within offers services throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum - all which can be customized to fit your needs and your unique birth experience. Childbirth preparation, professional pregnancy and doula birth support, and consultations are all available.  If you would like more information on any of the services listed, if you don't see what you're looking for, or to schedule, please contact me. Ideally, you should try to complete any childbirth prep by about your 37th week of pregnancy, so be sure to plan ahead! 

Wisdom Within is based on a Lamaze approach to birth, which is a long-trusted philosophy that inspires confidence in pregnancy and birth. It's still the gold standard in preparing for birth! But this isn't ma's "how to breathe" Lamaze. Instead, focus is placed on providing evidence-based information that empowers women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, while preparing for birth by practicing hands-on comfort techniques. (Find out more about Lamaze's approach to birth here.) Wisdom Within's services are inclusive and respectful of all family and birthing philosophies. 

Included at no additional charge with any service:

  • ongoing support via in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, or texts with me during your pregnancy and postpartum,
  • access to my Lending Library of recommended reading and DVDs, and
  • access to my extensive referral list of community services or healthcare providers (like a postpartum doula, massage therapist, or lactation consultant).

By combining doula services and childbirth preparation services, we can arrange a package of services that's perfect for your unique situation. Discounts apply when you combine services. Contact me to find out more.

Empowering Birth Doula Support

What is a doula? A birth doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. A doula is a non-clinical role and is not the same as a midwife or nurse. Doulas do not diagnose or treat medical issues.

Instead, I support you and your entire team throughout all types of births or in all birth settings. With over six years of educating and supporting women and their families during pregnancy and birth, I bring extensive knowledge, experience, and compassion to all births. 

If you're curious about birth doula services, let's meet for a cup of tea and a complimentary interview to explore how a doula might benefit you and your labor. 

Birth support begins at $550 which includes:

  • one or two prenatal meetings to become more familiar with one another, explore your birth wishes, and practice comfort techniques together
  • an on-call period from 38 weeks until you give birth
  • compassionate practical, emotional, and physical support for you and your birth team throughout labor and birth
  • complete availability throughout your labor and birth and the first few hours postpartum without restrictions on time together or added costs if you have a long labor
  • a postpartum visit together to ensure wellness and arrange additional resources as needed

My passion is helping families have empowering, confident birth experiences - let's prepare for yours! 

 Confident Childbirth - Full Series

Everyone can benefit from participating in this comprehensive series, but especially first-time parents or those who have never attended a similar class during previous pregnancies. The goal is for pregnant people to leave this series more informed and more confident in their body and in the birth process. Support people will have a better understanding of how to provide stellar labor, birth, and postpartum support.

Topics include:

  • Learning about the birth process

  • Natural comfort and coping measures: the what, the why, and the how

  • Common medical interventions (including medical pain relief): what are they, what can you expect, and what does evidence say? 

  • Exploring your options and planning for your optimal birth experience

  • Communication with your healthcare providers and birth support team

  • Postpartum care for mom and baby

  • Breastfeeding basics

Upcoming Group Sessions

5-week series - Sundays, September 10 - October 8, 2017
6:00pm - 8:00pm

5-week series - Sundays, November 5 - December 10, 2017

(skips November 26th for Thanksgiving weekend)

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Sessions are held at Milk and Honey in central Tucson.

If you don't see your ideal dates listed, please  email me and see what we can work out. The group series is $90 total per pregnant person; there is no extra charge for support people and support people who will be present at your birth are highly encouraged to attend.

Private Sessions

This option is great for moms and support people with busy schedules or special situations. These classes take place in the comfort of your own home (or mine - whichever you prefer) with flexible scheduling. Topics can also be tailored to meet your own personal needs. Contact me to customize and schedule your own individualized classes. Private sessions begin at $150 total per family. Additional charges may apply for locations outside of Tucson city limits.