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Please note

I love providing Tucson with empowering prenatal and childbirth education. However, all of my classes are currently on pause at this time. This website is for informational purposes only at this time. Thanks for your understanding! 🤍 

- Elizabeth

Childbirth Preparation Classes

Content you can trust,

to have the confidence you deserve.

Wisdom Within was founded with the belief that there is a power that comes from education and being confident in oneself. And this is especially true during pregnancy and birth. One of our goals in working together is to help build trust in yourself, your body, and your inner wisdom to help guide you through pregnancy and birth. This will help set you up for success on your parenting journey too!


Wisdom Within's childbirth classes are based on a Lamaze approach, which is a long-trusted philosophy that inspires confidence in pregnancy and childbirth. Lamaze has been trusted by many generations of expectant parents and is still the gold standard in preparing for birth for good reason.


But this isn't just your ma's "how to breathe" class. Instead, focus is placed on providing evidence-based information that empowers people to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, while preparing for birth by practicing hands-on comfort techniques. As an added bonus, Wisdom Within's childbirth classes are designed and taught by midwives who have extensive, real experiences and knowledge.

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Included at no additional charge with any classes:

  • ongoing support via emails or scheduled phone calls during your pregnancy and postpartum to get questions answered

  • access to our Lending Library of recommended books

  • access to an extensive referral list of vetted, trusted community services and healthcare providers (like lactation consultants, massage therapists, or yoga instructors, for example)

Ideally, you should try to complete any childbirth prep by about your 36th week of pregnancy, so be sure to plan ahead! 

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Full Series

Everyone can benefit from participating in this comprehensive series, but especially first-time parents or those who have never attended a similar class during previous pregnancies. The goal is for pregnant people to leave this series more informed and more confident in their body and in the birth process. Support people will have a better understanding of how to provide stellar labor, birth, and postpartum support. 

Topics include:

  • Learning about the birth process

  • Natural comfort and coping measures: the what, the why, and the how

  • Common medical interventions (including medical pain relief): what are they, what can you expect, and what does the evidence say? 

  • Exploring your options and planning for your optimal birth experience

  • How to effectively communicate with your healthcare providers and birth support team to help achieve your goals

  • Postpartum care for the birthing parent and the baby

  • Lactation basics

Upcoming Group Sessions

The group series takes place in central Tucson. The fee is $160 total per pregnant person; there is no extra charge for support people. In fact, support people who will be present at your birth are highly encouraged to attend any or all of these classes with you.

*There are currently no group sessions scheduled.

Private Sessions

This option is great for people with busy schedules or unique situations. These classes take place in the comfort of your own home with flexible scheduling to be convenient for you, and topics that are tailored to meet your own personal needs. 


Contact us to customize and schedule your own individualized classes. Private sessions are $300 (total; not per session). Additional charges may apply for meetings outside of Tucson city limits.

Comfort Measures Only

This is a private, personalized class completely tailored to your situation. This is a good option if you're planning a non-medicated birth, but your hospital childbirth classes didn't cover this topic in-depth - or maybe you just want a little more practice.  It is also perfect for people who have given birth before but would like a "refresher course", including parents planning a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) or whose previous birth(s) didn't go as desired.


In our time together, we do a quick refresher about the labor process and what to expect, then we move on to lots of hands-on practice with many different relaxation and comfort measures that people find helpful throughout labor and birth.

This Comfort Measures class is currently only offered as a private session.  Any support people who will be at your birth are strongly encouraged to attend too!


We meet at a mutually convenient time for one 2-hour session. The cost is $100 per family.

Preparing for Your Cesarean Birth

Being prepared is powerful.  Learn what to expect when planning for a cesarean birth (also known as a c-section). 


Topics include:

  • Getting ready beforehand

  • The sights, sounds, feelings, and happenings of surgery

  • How you can advocate for yourself and your family in this type of birth

  • How to create a more gentle, family-centered cesarean birth, including applicable relaxation techniques (yes, even in surgery!)

  • Recovery in the hospital

  • Postpartum: what to expect and how to prepare now


This class consists of one 2-hour meeting and is private and completely individualized. The cost is $100 per family. 

Top 6 Reasons to Take Wisdom Within's Childbirth Prep Classes

Gain self confidence and advocacy skills

Wisdom Within focuses on increasing your confidence in your body and your ability to birth, which can be very productive and beneficial for your birth process. Sessions also make you aware of issues in modern birth culture and how to be a confident, informed consumer in your pregnancy and birth process - whether your birth experience goes as planned or not. 

Benefit from independence

Wisdom Within supports people who choose to birth at a hospital, a birth center, or at home. The information provided is not restricted by any provider or facility's policies or procedures. We're here to support you, not "the system".

Find a balance

A full spectrum of care is discussed in Wisdom Within's sessions including midwifery care, care with a doctor, natural comfort techniques, medical interventions, etc. – and how to wade through it all to plan the right birth for you and your family.

Prepare for your ideal birth

Content, ideas, evidence-based information, and examples are provided free from bias or judgment, encouraging you to make the decisions that are right for you and your family.

Get support

Wisdom Within's group sessions are friendly and intimate. You'll be able to get all your questions answered (even ones you’re shy about asking anyone else) and this is a great place to chat with and meet other parents. 


Each session includes practice with a variety of hands-on comfort techniques. This is great practice for labor and is a fabulous way to bond with your support person. And, when you're comfortable, you learn better. Plus, who can say no to a back rub at the end of a long day?

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