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Prenatal Midwifery Care

A home birth is not for every person or every situation. But some pregnant people still desire (and deserve!) the low-intervention, high-touch care that is classic to community midwifery, even if wanting or needing to deliver in a hospital.


For people with low-risk pregnancies, care with a midwife can make a lot of sense. This includes all the individualized, evidence-informed care, empowering you to have more trust in your body and ability to birth.


For higher-risk situations, co-care can also be shared between this practice and another healthcare provider if desired. That way, you get the benefits of care from both a midwife and a doctor.

Midwifery takes a more personal and holistic approach to prenatal care.

Wisdom Within's community-based prenatal care includes:

  • A free consult to meet and see if we would work well together and get your questions answered

  • Prenatal visits that last about 30-60 minutes each, where you can get your questions answered and your concerns heard, all in the comfort of your own home

  • Evidence-informed care that honors your wishes and needs including low-intervention, holistic, hands-on checks on the pregnant person and baby

  • Health screenings, nutrition counseling, herbal advice, personalized guidance, and more during pregnancy

  • Routine standard lab tests and specialized lab tests as needed 

  • Referrals to ultrasound providers as needed or desired

  • Direct access to a midwife via calls or messages between visits

  • The familiarity and comfort of a small midwifery care team

  • Lamaze-inspired childbirth education either as part of a group or incorporated into your prenatal care

  • Respect for any traditions, practices, or special wishes you'd like to incorporate into your care. Your pregnancy, your way.

  • Professional consultations with or a transfer of care to a different type of provider if you or your baby require it at any time

If you're ready to learn more and see if prenatal midwifery care is right for you, set up a consultation.

Prenatal care is included in our home birth midwifery care package. You may also want to explore our postpartum care, and preconception counseling services too.

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