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Postpartum Midwifery Care

Tucson home birth midwife
Tucson midwifery, postpartum care
home birth midwife in Tucson

We provide respectful care as you transition to life with a new baby. 

You deserve nothing less.

Postpartum care in the U.S. medical system is often abysmal. We need to do a better job of caring for new families by checking in on them, inspiring confidence, and offering reassurance on both the rough days and the good days.


Enter modern midwifery care. Wisdom Within offers postpartum care by itself to allow families who have birthed elsewhere the opportunity to reel in the benefits of compassionate postpartum care.


This package includes a prenatal meeting to get to know one another and to help you and your family plan for how your household will run after your baby comes. Then, you'll receive the same respectful care that a midwife normally provides to clients after birth - including multiple visits that embrace the holistic being that you are. 

Postpartum care with Wisdom Within includes:

  • A prenatal meeting to help you and your family plan for the postpartum time

  • The option to add more prenatal meetings if you desire to focus on topics that are important to you like nutrition, advice on pregnancy discomforts, or deciding on whether or not to plan for a VBAC, for example. (Please note that these meetings are an additional fee.)

  • Respectful postpartum care tailored to meet your unique needs that incorporates the entire family. This usually consists of 4 visits over 6 weeks with checks on the postpartum parent and the baby; help with infant feeding; guidance and advice on baby care, bonding and attachment, family adjustment, and more.

  • Access to routine newborn screening (including screening for congenital or genetic conditions, heart conditions, and access to community hearing screens)

  • Professional consultations with or a transfer of care to a different type of provider if you or your baby need it

  • Vetted connections and referrals to other Tucson community resources as needed or desired 

If you're curious how home-based midwifery care could work for your postpartum time, arrange a consultation and we can talk through it!

Postpartum care is included in our home birth care package. You may also be interested in empowering prenatal care

(Psst! Providing compassionate, comprehensive postpartum care to a new family in your life makes a great gift! Pass it on!)

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