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A note about Wisdom Within's pricing

Home Birth Access Fund

As a practice, we hold sacred the belief that all families who want to give birth within their homes should have the opportunity to do so. This should be a no-brainer. 

But unfortunately, pervasive societal and historical constraints have limited certain populations’ access to the full spectrum of reproductive health choices that should be an inherent right - including a realistic ability to birth within their own homes. There are a plethora of changes needed within our healthcare systems, within our laws, and within birthing culture in order for home birth to be more realistic for all families. We continue to work diligently to help advocate for these changes. 


One obstacle that families often face when planning a community-based birth is the financial investment required. Because of the spotty and poor coverage by insurance companies and state Medicaid programs, home births with a credentialed midwife are simply not an economic reality for many families. 

We endeavor to change that in real, immediate ways. Here’s how. 

We strive to keep home birth and midwifery fees as low-cost and affordable as possible for all clients. But we also recognize that these fees can still be out of reach for some families who deeply desire a home birth. 

Our practice works to reduce financial barriers through our Home Birth Access Fund. Each client who participates in our care contributes a set amount to this Fund, which is then used to help supplement the cost of home birth midwifery care for other families who need it.

Through our practice, families who need extra financial relief are also offered an extended no-interest loan and we aid them in fundraising efforts so they can be supported by their own personal community of family and friends in multiple ways, including financial. 

In our practice, families who are able to help others do so. It’s as simple as that.

Discounts Available

Discounts are provided for families who qualify for WIC, single parents, and pregnant people who are teens.

We also offer long-term no-interest payment plans for families who qualify. And we can assist clients with fundraising efforts to help get financial support from their own communities too.

Unfortunately, we can only offer a limited number of discounted services per year. If you are interested in these discounts or other financial accommodations, please let us know at your consultation. 

Curious if community-based midwifery care could work with your budget? Contact us to talk specifics!

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