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Home Birth Midwifery Care

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Why home?

The question should really be "why not  home?" Throughout most of human history, birth has taken place in homes and in communities, surrounded by families and lots of support. It wasn't until the latter half of the 1900s that birth in a hospital became more trendy than at home in the U.S., leading to an onslaught of changes around birth culture. The hospital can be the perfect place to be if someone needs additional medical support.


But the vast majority of pregnancies and births are low-risk, without the need for routine invasive medical procedures. And for low-risk pregnancies, birthing out of the hospital is just as safe - and sometimes safer - as being in the hospital (Cheyney et al., 2014). And there are many other benefits to home birth too.


Some people choose home birth because of the strong evidence supporting its safety. Some people choose it to soak in the unparalleled compassion and personal attention that is unique to midwifery care. Some people prefer to have complete control and autonomy over their labor process instead of being dictated by protocol. And for some, it feels like a no-brainer to be tucked into your own bed with your new tiny baby right after a beautifully calm birth, being doted on by your family and loved ones.

Wisdom Within offers a traditional package of home birth midwifery care that includes prenatal care, home birth services, and postpartum care.


And to make midwifery care accessible to more people, Wisdom Within also offers packages of just prenatal care, just postpartum care, or preconception care, helping to bring ancient traditions of midwifery care into modern times.  

Are you ready to be empowered through home birth midwifery care?

Complete Care Package 

Prenatal, Home birth, & Postpartum Care

Wisdom Within's comprehensive midwifery care includes:

  • A free consult to meet and see if we would work well together and get your questions answered

  • Prenatal visits that last about 30-60 minutes each, where you can get your questions answered and your concerns heard, all in the comfort of your own home

  • Evidence-informed care that honors your wishes and needs including low-intervention, holistic, hands-on checks on the pregnant person and baby

  • Health screenings, nutrition counseling, herbal advice, personalized guidance, and more during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Routine standard lab tests during care and specialized lab tests as needed 

  • Referrals to ultrasound providers as needed or desired

  • Direct access to a midwife via calls or messages between visits

  • Lamaze-inspired childbirth education either as part of a group or incorporated into your prenatal care

  • An on-call period for birth from 36 weeks to 42 weeks of pregnancy, when a midwife will be readily available to you

  • The comfort and familiarity of a small midwifery team 

  • Support at your labor, home birth, and immediate postpartum to help watch out for the safety and well-being of both the birthing person and the new baby

  • Respect for any traditions, practices, or special wishes you'd like to incorporate into your care, whether that's a water birth or a special mantra. Your birth, your way.

  • Professional consultations with, or a transfer of care to, a different type of provider if you or your baby require it at any time

  • Postpartum care tailored to meet your unique needs and incorporating your entire family. This spans a full 6 weeks, with an average of 4 visits, and consists of well-being checks on the birthing parent and the baby; help with infant feeding; guidance on baby care, bonding, attachment, family adjustment, and more

  • Access to routine newborn screenings (including screening for congenital/genetic conditions, heart conditions, and access to community hearing screens)

  • Vetted connections and referrals to other Tucson community resources as needed or desired throughout the entire process

If you're ready to learn more and see if home birth midwifery care is right for you, set up a consultation.

Want the magic of midwifery care without giving birth at home? We can do that! Check out Wisdom Within's prenatal care or postpartum care options. 

Not quite pregnant yet? Our pre-pregnancy prep can help!

Tucson, Arizona, midwife, homebirth, Lamaze, natural birth, water birth
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