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Pre-pregnancy Prep

Preconception counseling with that extra midwifery sparkle.

Not pregnant but hoping to be? It's not too soon for respectful, holistic care!

Did you know it takes 3 months for an egg to mature before ovulation? This means that these 3 months are an integral part of a pregnancy too! Using this time to enhance your own well-being can help increase your chances of a spontaneous, healthy pregnancy. Think of it as a -1st trimester, if you will.


In our preconception meetings over the course of these 3 months, we'll discuss:

  • How to decode your hormonal cycles and use them to your advantage

  • Ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant

  • Nutrition, lifestyle choices, reduction of potentially harmful exposures (including stress!), physical activity, and how it all plays a role in your and your baby's health

  • How to optimize your health now, which sets you up for more success when you are pregnant

  • A look at any known health issues that should be addressed before pregnancy. We also offer lab work to help screen for common deficiencies and other concerns and help create a plan to tackle them.

As a bonus, you'll receive an exclusive booklet on managing pregnancy discomforts naturally, so you'll be empowered and ready as soon as you get your positive pregnancy test. 

Contact us to get the respectful, holistic preconception care you deserve. 

Already pregnant? Yay! Learn more about our prenatal care, postpartum care, and home birth services.

Tucson preconception planning with a midwife
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