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Wisdom Within's homebirth midwifery services are not currently available, but I plan to accept clients in early 2021. This website is for informational purposes only at this time. Please feel free to get in touch and I can recommend some great midwives that will support you in the meantime! 🤍

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Homebirth and Midwifery Care

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Why home?

The question should really be "why not  home?" Throughout much of human history, birth has taken place in homes and in communities, surrounded by families and lots of support. It wasn't until the latter half of the 1900s that birth in a hospital became more trendy in the U.S. There have been many scientific advancements since that time and we, as consumers, have made great strides in changing some aspects about birthing in a hospital. It can be a wonderful place to be if someone needs additional medical support.


But for the vast majority of pregnancies and births are low-risk without the need for routine invasive medical procedures. And for these people, birthing out of the hospital is just as safe - and sometimes safer - as being in the hospital (Cheyney et al., 2014). And there are many other benefits to homebirth too.


Some people choose homebirth because of the strong evidence supporting its safety. Some people choose it to revel in the unparalleled compassion and personal attention that is unique to midwifery care. Some people prefer to have complete control and autonomy over their labor process instead of being dictated by protocol. And for some, it's instinctual because there are few things sweeter than being tucked into your own bed with your new little one after a beautifully calm birth, surrounded by family and loved ones.

Wisdom Within offers the traditional package of homebirth midwifery care that includes prenatal care, homebirth services, and postpartum care. And to make midwifery care accessible to more people, Wisdom Within also offers packages of just prenatal care, just postpartum care, or monitrice services, helping to bring ancient traditions of midwifery care into modern times.  

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Complete Care Package 

Prenatal, Homebirth, & Postpartum Care

Wisdom Within's comprehensive midwifery care includes:

  • A free initial consult to meet and see if we would work well together

  • Prenatal visits that last about 45 minutes on average where you can get your questions answered and your concerns heard, all in the comfort of your own home

  • Evidence-informed care that honors your special wishes and needs, including holistic hands-on prenatal checks on the pregnant person and baby, personalized nutrition counseling, herbal advice, and more

  • Routine lab work completed during prenatal care

  • Referrals to ultrasound providers if you choose this

  • Access to a midwife via calls, texts, or emails between visits

  • Lamaze childbirth education either as part of a group or incorporated into your prenatal care

  • An on-call period from 36 weeks to 42 weeks of pregnancy, when a midwife will be readily available 

  • Support at your labor, homebirth, and immediate postpartum to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the birthing person and the new baby

  • Respect for any traditions or practices you'd like to incorporate into your care, whether that's a water birth or a special mantra. Your birth, your way.

  • Referrals or a transfer of care to a different provider if you or your baby need it at any time

  • Postpartum care that is tailored to meet your unique need and incorporates the entire family. This lasts a full 6 weeks, with an average of 4 to 5 visits per family, and consists of checks on the birthing parent, the baby, and infant feeding.

  • Access to routine newborn screening (including bloodspot/metabolic, pulse ox, and hearing screens)

  • Connections and referrals to Tucson community resources as needed or desired

Tucson, Arizona, midwife, homebirth, Lamaze, natural birth, water birth
Tucson, Arizona homebirth midwife

Prenatal Care Only

Some pregnant people desire the low-intervention, high-touch care classic to midwifery, but may still need or want to deliver in a hospital setting. A homebirth is not for everyone. For people experiencing low-risk pregnancies, midwifery care during pregnancy can make a lot of sense! This package includes all individualized, evidence-informed care that would usually be included in midwifery services before birth, empowering you to have more trust in your body and ability to birth. Co-care can also be shared between a midwife and another healthcare provider too. 


Postpartum Care Only

Postpartum care in the U.S. medical system is often abysmal. We need to do a better job of caring for new families by checking in on them, inspiring confidence, and offering reassurance on rough days. Enter modern midwifery care. Wisdom Within offers postpartum care by itself to allow families who have birthed in a hospital the opportunity to reel in the benefits of compassionate care. This package includes a prenatal meeting to help you and your family plan for how your household will run after your baby comes. Then, you'll receive the same respectful care that a midwife normally provides to clients after birth - including multiple visits that embrace the holistic being that you are. 

(Psst - providing compassionate, comprehensive postpartum midwifery care to a new family in your life makes a great gift!)



Monitrice Services

Monitrice services are similar to doula services, but with the added benefit of a midwife's expertise and knowledge. ​We'll meet twice during your pregnancy to talk about your wishes and plans, discuss what sort of support you'd like to receive, and fill in knowledge gaps of any birth or parenting topics you're still curious about. Then when you're in labor, a monitrice comes to your home to support you and monitor the wellbeing of you and your baby, checking vitals and baby's heart rate. If desired, a cervical exam can also be used to help determine your labor progress. Then, when it's time to head to the hospital, a midwife will accompany you and act as a doula during the rest of your labor and birth. We'll also have a postpartum visit together. 


The goals of working with a monitrice are usually to have extra assurance during early labor and/or to stay home as long as possible during this time to help avoid unnecessary interventions. This is often ideal for someone who is birthing for the first time or someone planning for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).


Pre-pregnancy Prep

Not pregnant but hoping to be? It's not too soon for respectful, holistic care! In a preconception meeting, we discuss ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant. We also look at optimizing your health now, which sets you up for more success later. Together, we look at nutrition, lifestyle choices, reduction of potentially harmful exposures (including stress!), supplements, any other health issues, and how it all plays a role in your and your baby's health. As a bonus, you'll leave with resources on managing those very early pregnancy symptoms so as soon as you get your positive pregnancy test, you'll be prepared.


Tucson, Arizona homebirth midwife, waterbirth, doula, monitrice
Tucson, Arizona homebirth midwife, waterbirth, doula, monitrice

Scope of Midwifery Care

“The Midwives Model of Care is a fundamentally different approach to pregnancy and childbirth than contemporary obstetrics." (MANA, 2016)

Modern professional midwives are fully trained, credentialed, and, in Arizona, licensed by the state Department of Health Services to provide care throughout pregnancy, birth, and the first six weeks postpartum. Midwives are highly-qualified to handle the beautiful pieces of birth, like helping a brand new dad catch his baby, and also any emergency that might arise.

Midwives only work with people who are generally healthy and are at low risk for complications during pregnancy and birth. Certified Professional Midwives like Elizabeth will be use the Midwives Model of Care to help guide their practice and their philosophy of care (Midwifery Task Force, 2008). It includes these guiding tenets:

  • Midwives acknowledge that individuals are holistic beings, and as such, monitor all aspects of the person in their care and throughout the childbearing cycle

  • Midwives provide families with personal attention, education, and counseling and offer hands-on support during labor, birth, and postpartum

  • Midwives work to minimize interventions during pregnancy and birth

  • Midwives understand their scope of practice and its limitations and they refer clients to other healthcare providers for further medical attention as needed. 

Still curious about modern midwifery care?


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