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Tucson, Arizona homebirth midwife, monitrice, doula, Lamaze childbirth education classes

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homebirth midwifery care • serving families in the Tucson area

Tucson midwife, homebirth, water birth, childbirth class, doula, monitrice

Modern midwifery care to meet your needs.

Your care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs to be safe and evidence-informed. You need to have real options. You need to be heard. You need to be treated with kindness as you bring new life into the world.


And you deserve nothing less.

Wisdom Within offers Tucson families modern midwifery services, education, and birth doula support, providing families the option of respectful care in a time of life when they need it most.

This midwifery practice provides comprehensive, compassionate, and safe midwifery care to individuals and families. Services are provided in a way that encourages empowerment and recognizes each person's unique journey, strengths, and contributions they bring to their own care.

All of Wisdom Within's services are inclusive and respectful of all family types and birthing philosophies 

Your birth, your way.

Your experiences and your needs are as unique as you are.

Wisdom Within is run by Elizabeth Mendoza, who is a midwife, educator, and advocate.

Tucson midwife

"You are an amazing midwife... Your presence and energy were such calm forces amidst the fear and panic I felt starting to rise and I'm very grateful you were in front of me while I was pushing."

- Krista

"My husband and I hired Elizabeth as our doula for the birth of our second child to assist at home and accompany us through delivery with our midwife at the hospital. Transition came very quickly after laboring for a short few hours and Elizabeth arrived just before feeling the urge to push. Knowing Elizabeth was well under her way through midwifery training, I was confident and unafraid that this birth was going to happen at home, right then.  Elizabeth's calm manner and excellent handling of an emergency situation kept both me and my husband in the moment, able to enjoy the awe-inspiring process of bringing our son into the world.  She helped my husband take the lead on receiving our baby and use the EMS-provided scalpel to cut the cord at the desired time. Her presence and professional manner allowed the EMS to step back, do her job, and my birth unfolded beautifully and naturally.  She continued assisting us later after we all arrived at the hospital and reminded me what I wanted after birth.  I was empowered bringing my child into the world on my own, in my own home, and was living on sunshine from the experience.  Elizabeth is knowledgeable, calm, caring, and supportive.  I am so thankful that she was my guide during my unplanned homebirth, I could have asked for no one better."

- Paige

"During my pregnancy with my fourth child, my husband and I contacted Elizabeth to be our birth doula.  Elizabeth met with us at our house prior to our birth.  We discussed questions we had, procedures we needed more information about, and creating a plan of action for our other three children during the birth and postpartum period.  When I went into labor, Elizabeth came precisely when I needed her.  Her calm, quieting presence was soothing and relaxing during even the hardest of contractions.  As a birth doula and childbirth educator myself, one might think it unnecessary to have the support of a doula but nothing could be further from the truth.  While I knew exactly what was happening to my body, Elizabeth brought calm and comfort when I needed it most.  Her leg massages sustained me through labor as did her timely placed heating pad.  We spent much of my labor laughing together and enjoying the process.  Her encouragement was supportive and vital to my birthing experience.  I am so thankful for her presence and support at our son's birth and cannot recommend her enough."

- Jennifer

"Elizabeth was a wonderful doula.  She offered support, calm strength and encouragement.  She was right there providing insight and suggestions if I wasn't sure what to do for my wife.  The best part was I didn't even know she was there, until I realized I needed some help and then there she was providing guidance.  I highly recommend her service and skills to any couple looking for guiding support as they prepare for the birth of a child."


What empowered parents have said

BBF Flyer 2023 square.png
Pregnant? Parenting? Thinking about having a baby? Join us at this year's Birth and Baby Fest!

Elizabeth, the midwife behind Wisdom Within, also founded and organizes Tucson's Birth and Baby Fest every Fall.

The Fest - now in its 7th year - brings together local professionals with pregnant and parenting community members for a day full of exploring, connecting, learning, shopping, and family-friendly fun. 

There is a vendor fair with dozens of local vendors specially selected and relevant to pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. 

Plus break-out presentations, classes, and activities will be scheduled throughout the day for both adults and very small children. Join us!
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