Lamaze-based childbirth education classes and birth doula services in Tucson

10 Reasons to Take an Independent Childbirth Class

What are the benefits of Wisdom Within's birth preparation sessions?

Wisdom Within - Empowering Childbirth Preparation - Lamaze-based childbirth classes in Tucson
Lamaze-based childbirth education classes and birth doula services in Tucson

Wisdom Within provides Lamaze-based childbirth preparation and comprehensive doula support services through pregnancy and birth. All services are provided by an experienced and compassionate professional.

Serving families in and near Tucson, Arizona

1. Wisdom Within focuses on increasing your confidence in your body and your ability to birth, which can be very productive for your birth process.

2. Wisdom Within's group sessions are usually smaller than other classes, which enhances your learning experience. You will be able to get all of your questions answered (even ones you’re shy about asking anyone else) and have more individualized time with the instructor.

3. Wisdom Within supports people who choose to birth at a hospital, birth center, or at home.

4. Wisdom Within's curriculum and information are not restricted by any hospital’s or healthcare provider's policies or procedures.

5. A full spectrum of care is discussed in Wisdom Within sessions including midwifery care, doctor’s care, natural comfort techniques, medical interventions – and how to wade through it all to plan the right birth for you and your family.  Wisdom Within supports the birth experience of your choice.

6. Evidenced-based information is presented in Wisdom Within sessions – free from bias or judgment – allowing each person to make his/her own informed decisions about birth.

7. Wisdom Within enlightens you about birth culture and how to be a confident, informed consumer in your pregnancy and birth process and how to plan for the birth experience you desire.

8. Wisdom Within sessions take place in a comfortable setting. Private sessions can even take place in your own living room with your jammies and favorite snacks available.

9. With over 6 years of supporting pregnant women and their support teams, Wisdom Within is one of the most established and well-respected birth professionals in Tucson.  This vast experience reflects in the quality of services provided. 

10. Wisdom Within's sessions are flexible, allowing for changes to accommodate each woman’s unique situations, life experiences, and personal strengths. Wisdom Within offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

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Within every woman is the innate wisdom of how to birth and care for her child. Through empowerment and education, Wisdom Within helps women recognize and embrace this wisdom for the birthing experience she desires.

Through our work together, I support and help empower women to have the confidence necessary to make pregnancy and birth decisions that are right for her and her family. 

Lamaze-based childbirth education classes and birth doula services in Tucson